Don’t Look Anywhere Else For Your Sweet Tooth Cravings!

Foxing around Delhi looking for the best bakery? Head to any of our Dezertfox outlets across Delhi. We are Delhi’s premium bakery that sells cakes & other delights made with the best of ingredient imported from various countries! Our cakes & other desserts are baked daily with the freshest of ingredients flown down from countries like the US, Iran, Belgium among others.

Desserts have been known to dull the pain, bring a smile to countless faces & cheer up even the most serious of people. Besides, we all know how desserts can be expensive yet, dull. Well, we at Dezertfox, promise to not just provide you with the best of the desserts but also, show you why desserts are always the best & the last part of any meal!

You can find us foxing around at our outlets in Amar Colony, Greater Kailash & Munirka!

So, here is a list of things that you should know about Dezertfox, how we bake our cakes, pastries & where we get our ingredients/raw materials from.

Finest Of Ingredients:

All our ingredients are fresh, the best in the world & ones that will taste of heaven..right here on earth! Our partners in the various countries from whom we source our ingredients are the best companies in their respective industries.

  • Cheese from the USA
  • Cream from Denmark
  • No added synthetic flavours or colours
  • Nuts from Iran & other Arab Countries
  • Belgium Couverture Chocolate from Switzerland

In fact, the rest of the ingredients are grown & bought from Indian farmers, in keeping with Make In India. The focus point of all the ingredients used is the fact that it needs to be organic & organic only! In keeping with this tradition, Dezertfox, only uses the best of the best ingredients sourced from the best farmers in India. Also, we support the Government in their endeavour to uplift the Indian farmer under the Make In India act.

Every dessert that we produce is crafted with love, made from scratch & baked by professional chefs.

Product Concept:

We at Dezertfox have had the privilege of working with the best organisations in India & abroad. The pricing of the desserts, the reason why it’s so high priced, is because we only use the best of the best ingredients sourced from the best of the best producers of the same! So, say bye high-cost cakes & desserts made with low cost ingredients. And say hi to our fox when he delivers our cakes & desserts to you!

  • Enjoy the fine dining experience at your homes by ordering the perfect dessert ending to your meals.
  • Our plated desserts come with unmatched quality are presented in a way that will make you drool all over the place, as compared to the desserts baked by our competition.
  • Apart from our decadent plated desserts we also endeavour to cater to the audience that is looking for quick bites. Therefore we have also introduced some finger licking good ‘exclusive’ offers.
  • In order to do that we also have an exclusive section that includes desserts with flavours that will take you for a tour of the world. Some of these include – cookies, jams, moist mini tea cakes & cakes for various occasions
  • Also, in keeping with the changing times, we have also introduced jar desserts, bourbon desserts & sugar-free desserts that are made using vanilla Pannacota with black current cream & berries. Some of our other desserts include Kiwi Pineapple Jam & Black or White Fruit Mendin Chocolate.
  • Further, for all those customers of ours that suffer from either diabetes or prefer glutton free desserts, we also bake special desserts. Such as – Season’s Best Philadelphia Cheesecake, Dark & White Chocolate Millephille, Orange & Espresso Silk Mousse, Vanilla Panna Cota & Egg free collection of deserts.
And finally a list of our best desserts:

We Indians love to party, especially on days that fall under special occasions like weddings & festivals among other things. Our team of professional chefs bake up the best desserts for any such occasion & must not be missed out.

  • This December, for the Christmas festival, our team of chefs created rich & exotic fruit cakes that are low on sugar & high on nuts & dry fruits, coated with rum, brandy & orange juice.
  • German Stolen Bread – a classic yeast & lemon cake that is rich in nuts & dry fruits flavoured with lemon, rum & brandy. Further, it is also coated with a white sugar crust that goes best with any coffee or tea & it can even be eaten toasted or plain.
  • Christmas Pudding – A classic pudding dish made with mints, dry fruits, rum & brandy, that is served with silken custard.
  • Our other festive desserts include – Mini, Chocolate House, Peanut Butter Snowman & Chocolate Santa

So, after all this, if there is anything that we are saying, it is the fact that you cannot & must not miss out on these great desserts baked with love!